A Local Lady with a Big Heart

27th Jun 2018

‘People say to me, “You must be special”.

It’s not special, it’s just being happy to help.’

Meet Tess Pomfrett, a gentle giant in our community. Her heart to help others led her to seek employment at Northaven quite some years ago and she has never looked back.

Working at Northaven provides plenty of scope for diversity, community, nurture and fulfilment. Tess’s life on the farm had equipped her well with the ability to put her hand to any task required, and this is certainly a requirement for working at Northaven. Tess could not think of a more fulfilling role than spending each day to help others.

Changing Lives for the Better

In all her time as the General Manager of Northaven, Tess has had many reasons to stay. ‘If you are connected, you stay connected for a long time,’ Tess said. She loves to help those less fortunate and desires to help others achieve things that they don’t believe they can. Tess is a protector. She works hard to support the workers on the Northaven team so they can lead happy, fulfilled lives and move into greater life skills than they thought possible. At its very heart, Northaven changes lives for the better; giving happy memories, developing self-esteem and building people up to function as equals in their community.

Support and guidance

Tess is most grateful to the Board of Directors that guides the Northaven ship. Their vision, support and guidance keep Northaven steering in the right direction. Established by the community, for the community, Northaven continues to provide people living with disabilities a place where they can achieve. ‘It could be any of us, find ourselves in this place one day,’ Tess reminds us, ‘We don’t know what’s around the corner.’ Supporting Northaven in their endeavours to make this part of our world a better place just makes plain, good sense.