A Tireless Community Worker at the Helm for Northaven

31st Oct 2018

A kind smile, steady confidence and a wealth of experience in community work—these are the qualities that greet you upon meeting the new Northaven manager, Wendy Hardman.

Passion for community

Wendy has spent a lifetime in community work. In her words, it has been her passion from the word go. When in high school, her first work placement was at the Armidale Disability Service school. She has worked in voluntary positions as well, including a women’s refuge and at a community centre working with vulnerable Aboriginal children, teaching them valuable life skills. More recently, Wendy has moved here to Inverell, a place she has always had in her heart. From here, she has been on the road constantly, gaining employment as a youth worker for two years, followed by a challenging yet rewarding position with Out of Home Care in Armidale for five years. When it was time for a new line of work, Wendy took on the position of Domestic Violence Safety Action Meeting Coordinator in Moree. This was the position she held for one year up until she applied for the General Manager position at Northaven, much closer to home, and was accepted.

A loving, welcoming community

“I’ve walked into a very loving, welcoming community,” Wendy says of Northaven. “It’s a solid foundation already here at Northaven, that I can only build on. Fantastic people are already here, fantastic workers. It’s just a matter of developing all those and looking at new opportunities. I have quite a few ideas up my sleeve. I just want to progress what’s already been built.” Wendy recognises that this is a step by step process and looks forward to the adventure of securing funding and commencing new projects as Northaven continues to grow and expand.

Freedom and choice

Northaven staff have great flexibility and an effective system for placing the right staff member with the right client. This matching of staff is vitally important, Wendy points out, in order to build each person up in their skills and experiences. Northaven has effectively adopted the NDIS scheme and Wendy sees plenty of avenues for building Northaven’s services and their capacity to take on new clients. Northaven employees and clients are given the opportunity to seek out adventure, build on their creative abilities and grow in community and in their own independent spaces.

To find out more about thriving as a person living with a disability, contact Northaven today.