Bundy Works Hard

21st Feb 2018

Meet Pete, or “Bundy” as he is affectionately known.

Pete is a dedicated member of our team who thrives on a good days work. He is very happy that the NDIS has enabled him to have a full-time position with Northaven with the added benefits of education thrown in.

A Bundarra local, Pete currently boards in Inverell during the week, with the support of the NDIS, because his carer is unable to look after him at this time. This means that Bundy can still work and also catch up with friends within the community. To Pete, having a job and earning his living gives him a sense of purpose that just didn’t exist before. He is a community minded man who loves to deliver freight to Inverell, as well as contributing heavily to the work in the recycling plant, working on the sorting machine as well as sweeping up at the end of the day so the workplace is neat as a pin in the morning. Pete is an avid fisherman, and spends hours on the water aiming to find the best fishing spot and landing the catch of the day. In football season Pete dons his Bundy Bear outfit and heads out on the football field as the Bundarra Bears team mascot.

Encouragement, training and a nurturing team atmosphere provide the perfect way for our employees to thrive and become new people within their communities. Northaven is committed to providing a safe, caring and non-discriminative work environment that allows for the delivery of a person-centred service to each individual.

The NDIS has helped Pete by:

  • Providing support in Inverell that allows him to get to work every day.
  • Providing a support person from 4pm and overnight who assists with everyday tasks, supervises the client developing these skills for themselves and plans events to stimulate and educate.
  • Interaction with others; developing friendships and community involvement.
  • Transport to and from work and home.
  • Giving control back to the individual, based on their personal skill level. Each person makes their own decisions, including who looks after them, and day by day decisions about where they will go and what they will do.
  • Educational opportunities that are fun, interactive and targeted.

It is abundantly clear that Pete loves his job at Northaven. He is settled, happy and self-motivated.

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