Living, Learning and Growing at Northaven

03rd Sep 2018

Russell has his eyes fixed on the prize:

‘I like everything.’ This firm statement comes from Northaven employee Russell, when I asked him his favourite job. Freight is great; cooking with Donna is great; getting away on the truck is especially great, and “Number 1” position on the sorting platform is great. To explain, Russell tells me this is where the recycled product comes out of the bunker, goes along the conveyor belt where the recycled product is sorted. Number 1 position is an important place and Russell is proud to achieve this skill.

Caring for his family

Russell is a quiet, caring person who is dedicated to caring for his family. As part of his NDIS supports, Russell is learning to cook meals. He cooks in big quantities to freeze meals for the week. This means his family has healthy, home-cooked meals ready to heat when they need them. Russell loves gardening and tends the Roses and Canna Lilies around his home with great care.

Fun with friends

The Inverell Saints football team are Russell’s greatest passion in life. ‘They mean the world to me,’ says Russell. ‘As long as they keep the win up, that’s what counts.’ He is an avid supporter, and with his NDIS funding, he is able to travel with his friends to watch the away games most weekends.

Russell thoroughly enjoys the opportunities that the NDIS provides to participate in community events, recently joining a trip to the Bingara Orange Festival with his fellow Northaven employees. Sometimes he can be found out with his rod and lures, fishing with Bundy and other mates.

A highlight of Russell’s week is his time every Thursday with support worker and mentor Rob Hook, when Russell can “choose his own adventure”. Northaven gives Russell this support where he has time to relax and chat with his friend and choose what activity he would like to pursue that day.

Northaven equipping

Northaven employees never stop learning. Russell is proud of his achievements in literacy and numeracy. These life skills helped Russell gain his first aid certificate and it has already come in handy. At a recent AFL match, Russell was quickly on the scene when a Saints player twisted his ankle. Russell promptly ordered ice to reduce the swelling and saved the day!

It is evident that Russell is given plenty of time, encouragement and support as a valued Northaven employee. He is confident, growing in his abilities, and determined to push to the next goal he sets for himself. At present, he keeps Varley Oval neat and tidy; into the future, he dreams of becoming a park ranger. Once his sights are set, this man is ready to do what it takes to achieve his goals.

Northaven actively seeks to support and enable those with disabilities in our communities. Give us a call today to find out how we can assist you.


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