Meet a Northaven Employee Who has the Skills for Every Task

30th Apr 2018

A bright smile. A cheery hello: Meet Sharon, an integral part of the Northaven recycling crew.

Much has happened for Sharon in her time with Northaven. She considers herself a Jack of all Trades; through Northaven’s training programs, she has acquired a swag of qualifications including Certificate III in both Aged Care and Individual Support (formerly known as Disabilities). Sharon is also a qualified Forklift operator, is Drum Muster certified and is a proud White Card holder. Sharon will turn her hand to any task they ask of her. The list of responsibilities just rolled off her tongue. ‘Up here at recycling, going out on trucks, down on freight, mentoring, cutting pegs, painting pegs; just helping out wherever needed.’

Sharon is a versatile worker and one of her key strengths is her mentoring. As a mentor, Sharon cares for another person to assist them to reach their potential. Over the course of only two years, Sharon has assisted fellow employee Gerry to move from the shredding room in the main office building to the Recycling plant. ‘I’ve had him right up the line,’ she told us proudly. ‘I keep an eye on him, but work away to give him space.’ Every now and then Gerry will look to Sharon for a thumbs up, but he is now working independently and confident in his abilities. Sharon is most happy to give Gerry the opportunity to accompany her on the freight truck too. Most recently, Sharon is assisting Luke, a young Macintyre High student, to learn the ropes in the sorting bay.

As much as Sharon loves the work she does, it is the opportunities that Northaven gives her and the support of the NDIS scheme that fulfil her the most. Sharon is steadily growing in confidence and belief in her abilities. ‘They’re starting to build me into a June Dally-Watkins!’ she informed us; this, despite the claim that Sharon is also a tomboy. One night per week, Sharon attends a 1-on-1 support class, learning many and varied skills in art and crafting. She is understandably proud of her efforts, showing off her paintings and cake decorating artworks. It is easy to see that for Sharon, the ability to grow as a person and create things of beauty are key to unlocking her true potential for life.

Northaven nurtures their employees, providing work and training, and at the same time building dignity and self-esteem. From there, the results speak for themselves.