Put it in the Yellow - for Northaven!

09th Apr 2018

We are Northaven, the place where people can work if they have a disability. We have the contract in Inverell for recycling.

Next time you head for the bin, remember: Keep it in the yellow! Here’s why:

Here at Northaven, our aim is to improve the quality of life for people living with a disability by offering paid employment opportunities and encouraging self-esteem, self-development and training in a work environment.

We want to ensure a safe, caring and non-discriminative environment for these workers, and

We operate a viable and continuous service to people living with a disability in Inverell and surrounding districts. We are a charity, we operate as a stand-out business to assist members of our community.

Northaven was established in 1969 by local community members and families. We are a well-respected, supported employment service for people living with disabilities within Inverell and surrounding areas.

Today, Northaven is governed by nine voluntary board members. We employ 10 staff members and 43 people living with a disability. Northaven helps to give these 43 people purpose, vision and community. They work in a variety of roles within our company.

We are asking you, Inverell, to think of these people when you put your rubbish in the bin. All recycled material goes through our processing plant, keeps recyclables out of landfill, and gives our 43 employees the opportunity to work.

When heading for the bin – put it in the yellow – for Northaven!

Keeping Jobs in Town – Keeping People Employed