Safe Work NSW accredited White Card Course

18th Nov 2016

Northaven and the Inverell Community College recently partnered, with the result of 14 Northaven workers achieving their OHS White Card.  

Both Northaven and the Community College share the values of social inclusion and learning for all abilities.

"We have accredited trainers with expertise to tailor the training to suit the learners, enabling them to achieve the industry standard required,” Community College program co-ordinator Tania Archer said.

"Vocational Education and Training really is for everyone and here at the Inverell Community College we pride ourselves on treating each person as an individual and recognising the value of taking the student characteristics into account when designing the training.”

“The success of this course has led to a great sense of pride and achievement for each person,” Northaven employee services officer Kelly Dines said.

“This course will go on to to help the employees keep themselves and others in the workplace safe.” 

This article first appeared in the Inverell Times on the 18th Nov 2016