Training Clients with Disabilities in Skills for Life

12th Mar 2019

Northaven runs a successful training program for clients with disabilities. The lady at the helm is Leanne. From her beginnings in a small school to her extensive skill set including a BA in Arts, Grad Dip in Infants Primary Education, Advanced Dip in Adult Literacy, Numeracy & Language, and Cert IV in Training, Leanne’s passion is teaching and she loves to see her students succeed.

 Skills for Life

“Everything I have done has culminated to this point.” Leanne said. “It’s really important that what I do is for them, not for what I can gain.” Leanne’s students come for training in a wide range of life skills. Commencing with a 5-10 minute debrief time, Leanne seeks to give her student the opportunity to relax, unwind and be ready to learn. And learn they do. Each client has their own special session tailored to their own individual needs. Training follows the goals set by the student. These could be:

  • Literacy skills (to aid in a job stacking supermarket shelves).
  • Cooking skills, with a focus on literacy and numeracy while doing so.
  • Learning to follow instructions.
  • Learning social skills.
  • Learning office skills and knowing your space.
  • Gaining a truck licence.
  • Learning First Aid to gain a First Aid Certificate.
  • Growing artistic talent.
  • Learning about your family history.
  • Learning a language in order to follow a dream to visit an overseas destination.

 NDIS Equipping

As Northaven trainer, Leanne uses supports offered by the NDIS scheme. Frequently, she helps with budgeting skills, to ensure students are not living beyond their means, as well as learning to pay bills. Leanne trains in technology, to support their understanding of how to best use computing in everyday life. Plus, the NDIS supports Leanne’s work in teaching Life Skills as outlined above.

 “It’s all about them.”

In speaking about her students and their achievements, Leanne’s eyes grow moist. It’s all about small steps, says Leanne. “When they make that step and they don’t need any help, anymore. When I walk out of here and come back and see the table set. When they walk in and say, ‘I’ve got my licence!’ Yes, you have, you can do that, you’ve got the confidence now to try and do the next step.”

Northaven’s training programs strive to equip students with skills for life. And right now, according to all that Leanne is witnessing in her student’s lives, this is exactly what they are achieving.

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