Recycling and Waste

Northaven maintains the contract with Inverell Shire Council for the management of the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) and boast the state of the art and efficient sorting plant.

Northaven currently employs 10 staff members and approx 43 employees with disabilities on a rotational basis. Both staff and employees assist with the dispersion, collection and recycling of product through the MRF.

Northaven currently delivers approx 138 recycling crates/bins to commercial businesses, schools, community groups, rural, recreational sites and individual residents in the Inverell and surrounding areas. These crates/bins are collected on a scheduled basis to reduce the amount of recyclable product entering the landfill site.

Revenue raised from the sale of recyclable products is reinvested back into the organisations to assist with covering operational costs, wages, purchase of equipment and other costs related to operating a business.

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