Working With Us

Northaven is a place where people can work if they have a disability.

To work at Northaven you need to be on a disability support pension or eligible for one. You must have or be eligible for the NDIS.

Non-discriminatory entry criteria applies with respect to age, gender, race, culture, religion or disability.


Northaven operates as a not for profit business.  This means that all supported employees are entitled to the same benefits of open employment – personal leave, annual leave, etc.


Northaven have a Board of Directors, Manager, Supervisors and Office Staff.


Northaven is focused on working with you to help create employment and life goals that build on your existing skills while supporting you to learn new skills.


Northaven employee meetings are held each month. This meeting is run by employees, for employees to discuss matters that can then be taken back to the staff & management.

Rights & Responsibilities

All people with a disability have rights and responsibilities and Northaven can help you with both.

Feeling Good

Northaven keeps your information private and helps you feel good about yourself.
We help with any concerns and have work health & safety procedures in place.
Northaven is committed to upholding your legal and human rights.      


You get paid for the days you work at Northaven. Pay day is Thursday afternoon.


If you choose to leave you have the right to do so.

Career Outcomes

Northaven train employees in a workplace environment so that people with disabilities have equal opportunity with others in open employment.

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