Men's Health Day

23rd May 2019

Northaven held a Men’s Health Day today at our Granville St house. Leanne had completed a First Aid course with the men earlier in the year and they had suggested expanding on their learning with a health-related workshop. After months of planning and organising we held a very successful day today.

We had a number of guest speakers throughout the day.

  • Anthony from Hunter New England Health - Explained the role of a social worker and how they can help with mental health.
  • Taryn from Vital Health – Healthy diets and how to avoid high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes.
  • Paul from the Prostate Cancer Support Group – What it was, how it is detected, and how to help people who have it.
  • Brendon from Campbell & Freebairn Chemist – Taking prescription medications and ways to quit smoking.
  • Luke a Radiographer – What to expect when you are having a scan and how to prepare.

There was lost of valuable information with questions and answers. The men took away information to improve their own lives but also noted issues they could raise with their friends and family.

Special thanks to Sharon, Leanne, and Tamika for all your efforts organising it. Thanks to our guest speakers, the Northaven staff, and the men who attended.

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